lonely night

what i miss..

hey..dont know if u guys are all done with school. yup, you probably are lol. but i still need to finish...and i was just making my aim profile and brockport made its way in there..so after reading this, i ask you... what r some of your best memories of brockport. from the obscene to the absurd, to the poignant. comment awayyyy. same goes for all you peeples still in classes. i wish you all a marvelous thanksgiving break. eat, drink, and be merry. =)

i miss the whitenoise. i know that's two words, but when i first compared it to things in my life, i accidentally smooshed them together. and...i don't know...i guess we all want to go 'back' someplace. i miss the whitenoise, and how i was content to think that i wouldn't ever be caught or found out.i miss being lost in the...i don't know what i would call it. but it was the feeling that i could always come to safely; no matter what had happened. loved ambling around brockport, down by the water...just to think or write. although some people might be shocked i did either of those things, and that would be no one's fault but my own.i miss the diner and midnight movies, and staying up half the night.i miss the secret crushes, and the wings that they ultimately gave me. i miss the auditions and the  breathtaking wait for the call list.i miss free laundry and Trax and a sense of *home*. no matter what trouble i got myself into, i was always and unconditionally loved in this 'home' of mine. and of course they know i never *meant* to get in trouble.i wish i was brave enough to say things to people. sometimes it feels like it's too late to say anything...so you just sit back, and hope, and wait...until that silly feeling passes and you end up pouring out your heart; good and proper.there's so many times i just wanted to call someone up and ask for help...or just to talk.this is my private confessional of sorts. i'm sorry. for a lot of things. but like i used to be behind in math and science; i'm behind in this...because half of the people *have* forgiven me. ( even if it was silly to feel so guilty in the first place.) how do you ask for and get closure without coming off as if it's consumed your every thought?

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In the process of packing up my life, I've stumbled accross a few things that I no longer want or need, and as such they're up for the taking:

-Mini Fridge: $50 or BO - 4 years old, hardly ever used, good condition. Freezer door on the inside is missing, but the freezer still freezes stuff.

-Wine Glasses: FREE - blue glass, heavy stems, set of 7. If someone doesn't take them I'm throwing them away.

-Kitchen Cart: $35 or BO - Metal frame, wooden top, on wheels, hooks on the side to hang stuff, has three shelves altogether, and the middle pulls out for easy access. To give a sense of the size, a microwave fits easily on top.

-Vases: FREE - Please get them out of my apartment.

-Lava Lamp: $10 or BO - Black base, orange and red goo inside.

Somebody Please Take This Stuff Off My Hands.

Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition

Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition: Color and Conservation
Now through December 31st


Memorial Art Gallery
500 University Ave,
Rochester, NY 14609
(585) 473-7720

From what I’ve been hearing, this is the only northeast exhibition of these works. If you’re a student/looking for a group rate, consider recruiting from an applicable class or student organization. 


free film (xpost)

screening and discussion of the film WATER(2005)
Written and Directed by Deepa Mehta


This event is free and open to all SUNY Brockport students, faculty, and staff

Set in 1938 Colonial India, against Mahatma Gandhi's rise to power, the story begins when  eight-year-old Chuyia is widowed and sent to a home where Hindu widows must live in penitence. Chuyia’s feisty presence affects the lives of the other residents, including a young widow, who falls for a Gandhian idealist.

For more info on the film, go to http://water.mahiram.com/
For more info about the screening, please contact kmarsh@brockport.edu


I found a 2 bedroom apartment in Brockport on Main street. It is right above Jimmy Z's. Lease starts in August, rent per student per semester is $1600 plus utilities.

Let me tell you a little about myself:
My name is Chelsea and I'm 20 years old. I'm going to be a Junior. I'm a journalism major, and not as dedicated to my studies as I probably should be.

I don't smoke, but I don't care if you do. I don't drink too often, but I don't care if you do. I don't party too much, but go for it. I'm really open minded, good listener, easy to talk to. I like random adventures. I am very sarcastic. I'm really nice though. I love music more than anything, so I always have my headphones. i'm very respectful of other peoples property, and i'm very quiet if i'm in the room while someone is sleeping.

It doesn't matter if you are gay, straight, black, asian, double jointed or a trekkie, we will get a long fine. Equal Oppurtunity roomate <--

I have not seen the apartment yet, and the man Archie who owns it was quite vague on the phone. I told him I would call back when I could come see it.

If you are interested, please let me know!!

Chelsea Craddock
A.I.M: weirdgurl756


Act OUT!

Bread and Water Theater presents

The 6th Annual Rainbow Theater Festival—

a celebration of LGBT theatre.

Coming this spring to the Visual Studies Workshop, 31 Prince St. Rochester, NY

Jenna’s Dead by Mario Savastano

Friday & Saturday, April 21, 22 @ 8pm

Sunday, April 23 @ 2pm

A Night of One-Acts

Friday & Saturday, April 28, 29 @ 8pm

Sunday, April 30 @ 2pm


A Poster of the Cosmos by Lanford Wilson

The Madness of Lady Bright by Lanford Wilson

Why We Have a Body by Claire Chafee

The Lambda Project: Photographs and Memories

Friday & Saturday, May 12,13 @ 8pm

Sunday, May 14 @ 2pm

(It’s live; we know you want to watch.)

See fabulous shows for less than ten bucks! $8, $5 with student ID.

For more information, visit our website at www.BreadandWaterTheatre.org or call Jason at 585.271.5523 or Carl at 585.473.1472. Tickets are now available online.